Music Education

A couple of quick resources to help with your continued learning about music.

  • Check out Global Music Magazine for the latest beats.
  • Need headphones? Then checkout the Headphones portal for the top brands.

For those who are truly passionate about music and learning to play the drums or any instrument should study not just the instrument, but music as well. Music is a great way to communicate and in some cultures music is just their way of expressing themselves. Make sure you have the right equipment as well as knowledge base when pursuing music either for a career or for fun.

How to Learn Drums Online and Improve Your Stick Technique

If you want to learn drums online then you should expect a very difficult challenge on the price. If you were responsible a contruction site you would want the proper erosion controls in place. Just like you would if you were having proper drum lessons. It’s very important that you start from the very beginning and work through learning the drums using a step by step guide from a professional. You may feel the urge to skip parts that you think will be to easy, but that could cause huge problems in the long run and really slow… Continue reading

Drums and Percussion Musical Instruments

A variety of factors help determine the most appropriate type of drums and percussions to choose from before making a purchase. Therefore, it is important to know the different types available in the market and what they are specifically meant for. In addition, having some basic knowledge on the history of any musical instrument provides a better experience.

Drums are actually examples of percussions, which refer to musical instruments that produce sound when rubbed, shaken or hit. According to some historians and anthropologists, percussions were the first musical instruments humans invented.

The percussion instruments are grouped into different categories depending… Continue reading

Electronic Drums

Roland, Yamaha, Samson, and Alesis are among the top manufactures of electronic drums. They each have their own pro’s and con’s, however in most peoples opinions, Roland remains in the top seat for several reasons.

I’ve had the pleasure of playing several different types, brands, and styles of electronic drums in the past, and I couldn’t agree more that Roland has the edge. In their newer models, they feature drum shells, which make it appear as if the person playing them is playing on an acoustic set. The kick drum is bigger than the other included drums, making it extremely… Continue reading

Learning To Play The Drums – A Beginners Guide To Getting Started On The Drums

Have you always wanted to play the drums but didn’t know where to begin or where to start? I’m not going to lie to you, drums are not as easy to play as others would make out. But with the right direction and a little natural rhythm you can be playing along to your favourite songs in no time at all!

So what’s first? Well, some might say that getting a drum kit is pretty important but this just isn’t the case. I learnt to play drums on the side of chairs and on cushions before my Dad bought me… Continue reading

How To Read Drum Set Music With Ease!

Drum set notation

Notation of drum kit music once commonly employed the bass clef, but a neutral clef of two parallel vertical lines, sometimes referred to as the
percussion or drum clef, is usually preferred now.
(All note letter names in the “Techniques” section refer to the bass clef.) Drum set notation is not standardized, although there are common conventions.
It is usual to label each instrument and technique when it is introduced or to add an explanatory footnote. Below is an example of drum set notation
(all note letter-names in the “Techniques” section… Continue reading

How to Maintain a Drum Set

It is full of fun to play a drum but at the same time one must take care of the drum set. There are few steps to maintain a drum set and one can easily follow them. The following steps are listed below:

1. One must not forget to detune your drums slightly before packing up, especially in more humid conditions. This preserves the life of the heads and allows them maintain their elasticity.

2. Don’t miss Drum Bum’s drum tab database.

3. When you change your drumheads, write the date in small numbers off to the side of each… Continue reading

Micing a Kick Drum

This tip deals with micing kick drums.

You wouldn’t believe how many people ask me about micing their kick drums. It leads me to believe people really don’t know how to.

It became so fashionable in the mid-90′s through the early 2000′s to use MIDI or sampled drum sounds in productions that many people now have no idea how to record a “real” drum when the “band” or “live” sound came back in.


So, first things first. You need to make sure the actual sound source, in this case the drum, sounds as good as it… Continue reading

How to Buy a Used or New Drum

Before buying a new or a used drum sets one should remember the points given:

1. Bass Drum: This instrument uses one head to be struck. The open side of the bass drum allows the user to place a “sound absorption” blanket to kill lengthy resonation.

2. Support Rods: Four of these metal rods keep the drum in place as it is hit by the mallet head on the end of the foot pedal.

3. Foot Pedal: This attaches to the floor side of the head-rim to allow the foot maximum flexibility of tempo and dynamics of soft and loud.… Continue reading

Bang on Your Drum All Day Long – Without Annoying Your Neighbors!

Bang! Bam! Bang! Have you always wanted to play the drums, but are afraid your neighbors would call the police on you?

Do you want to bang on your drum all day, but are worried you’ll drive you loved ones away. Don’t worry; your dreams of becoming the next great drummer can still come true! There are quick and easy ways to help keep your family, friends, and neighbors happy while still allowing you to drum it up. So, grab your sticks and take some notes because it’s just about drum time!


The key to any successful relationship is… Continue reading

Acoustic Or Electronic Drums – What Is Your Choice?

A debate rages on in the drumming world! You might think that the debate centers on brands of drums, or different styles of drums. However, you would be wrong. This debate centers on the use of electronic drums in the music industry.

There are two very strong opinions regarding the use of electronic drums or drum machines. Some musicians and music producers love the use of these kits. Others, hate them, and strongly disagree with the use of electric drum sets in the mainstream music industry.

Drum machines are a widely used type of electric machine that have become very… Continue reading